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fixing refresh problems with nvidia and compiz in fedora 10

by mock last modified Jan 21, 2009 10:59 AM
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the latest drivers seem to work just fine, but i found some of my firefox tabs not refreshing upon switching and my terminal windows not displaying all the text. i found this fix in the nvidia forums...

Applicable to Fedora Versions

  • Fedora 10
  • nVidia drivers (specifially 169.x - 180.22)



  1. Fedora 10 installation
  2. nVidia's drivers installed
  3. compiz has been installed and is working (including compiz-manager)
  4. Knowledge of becoming root and/or the su - command
  5. Using vim (or other editor) to modify files


Following the Steps

i am assuming that you have installed the nVidia drivers from  those instructions are beyond the scope of this document and can be found at nVidia's site.  compiz-manager should also already be installed.  find that how-to on this site.  the process to fix is simple:  you just need to edit the compiz-manager script and change one line.

first, make a backup in case you bork:

su -c 'cp /usr/bin/compiz-manager /usr/bin/compiz-manager-backup'


then edit the working file:

su -c 'vim /usr/bin/compiz-manager'


find the build_args() section.  copy and paste the line with the "--loose-binding" argument.  comment out the "--loose-binding" line, then remove the "--loose-binding" from the line still uncommented.

	if [ $INDIRECT = "yes" ]; then
		COMPIZ_OPTIONS="$COMPIZ_OPTIONS --indirect-rendering "
	if check_nvidia; then


save the file and restart your X.  you should be golden.


More Help

if you run into problems, come to #fedora on

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