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Finity Flight II

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This will install Finity Flight II Episode III: Beast's Wish. However this howto applies to all Finity Flight II Episodes I-III.

Applicable to Fedora Versions

  • Fedora Core 6


  1. You must have a graphics card
  2. Extras repository (on by default in Fedora Core 6).
  3. While the steps relate to Episode III all other episodes will work.

Doing the Work

You will be downloading Finity Flight II: Episode III and installing it and the necessary packages.

This will enable you to play Finity Flight II episodes in the future

  1. You will need to download Finity Flight II: Episode III
  2. wget
  3. You need to install the dependencies
  4. su -c 'yum install SDL_image SDL_net SDL_ttf'
  5. Create a directory to put Finity Flight II into
  6. mkdir ~/ff2
  7. Move Finity Flight II into that directory
  8. mv ~/ff2
  9. Unzip it
  10. unzip ~/ff2/
  11. Run it
  12. ~/ff2/ff2-3


How to test

Explanation troubleshooting basics and expectations.
  1. If you get an error unzipping it
  2. su -c 'yum install unzip'

Common problems and fixes

Describe common problems here, include links to known common problems if on another site

More Information

Any additional information or notes.


We test this stuff on our own machines, really we do. But you may run into problems, if you do, come to #fedora on

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