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Setting Up Bittorrent and Bittorrent-Gui

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BitTorrent is a client application for the torrent peer-to-peer (P2P) file distribution protocol created by programmer Bram Cohen. BitTorrent is designed to widely distribute large amounts of data without incurring the corresponding consumption in server and bandwidth resources (and typically, monetary fees attracted as a result of that). The original BitTorrent application is written in Python and its source code has been released under the BitTorrent Open Source License (a modified version of the Jabber Open Source License), as of version 4.0. The name "BitTorrent" refers to the distribution protocol, the original client application, and the .torrent file type.


This assumes that you have an active internet connection.

Doing the work

Installing Bittorrent and Bittorrent-Gui

Bittorrent and Bittorrent-Gui are not incuded by default, to use bittorrent and bittorrent-Gui you first have to install them:

  1. Open a terminal

  2. Enter:

    su -c 'yum install bittorrent bittorrent-gui'
  3. Once installed bittorrent can be found in the menu, under "Applications -> Internet -> BitTorrent File Transfer"

Configuring your Iptables for BitTorrent

Bittorrent may require you to make some changes to your firewall to function properly, those steps are listed below:

  1. Open a terminal

  2. Enter:

    su -c '/sbin/iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --destination-port 6881:6999 -j ACCEPT'
  3. Hit enter. This adds a rule to open TCP ports 6881 through 6999 in your firewall. These ports are required by Bittorent.

  4. Type:

  5. su -c '/sbin/iptables-save > /etc/sysconfig/iptables'
  6. Hit enter. This saves the rule. Type:

    su -c '/sbin/iptables -L'
  7. Hit enter. This will output your iptables file so you can see if the rule was saved.

  8. If you see the following lines listed in the output, the firewall rules have been entered properly.

    ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere            tcp dpts:6881:6889
    ACCEPT udp -- anywhere anywhere udp dpts:6881:6889
  9. If you have a router with a built-in firewall you will also need to open the same ports on that firewall. Please refer to your router documentation manual for instructions on how to make those changes.

How to test

  1. Try to download a .torrent from

More Information


We test this stuff on our own machines, really we do. But you may run into problems, if you do, come to #fedora on

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