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What is terminal? How do I "open a terminal?"

by bobjensen last modified Jan 30, 2008 03:46 AM
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A "terminal" is a way of typing commands to the computer. That may sound very strange, but it's actually really, really nice and easy once you get used to it. You can use Fedora as a totally graphical system, or you can use it totally with the terminal. I like to do both; I use whichever one is easier for the task I'm doing. You can either open a terminal inside of your graphical environment, or you can switch your whole screen to a terminal.

Applicable to Fedora Versions

  • Fedora Core 5+


Assumes user is using a standard Fedora Core desktop installation

Doing the work

To open a terminal in a graphical environment:

  1. From the Main Menu bar select "Applications>Sytem Tools>Terminal"


How to test

Common problems and fixes

To switch your entire screen to a terminal, press Ctrl-Alt-F1. You can then switch between six
different terminals, by using Alt-F1 through Alt-F6. Pressing Alt-F7 will bring you back to your graphical environment.

More Information


We test this stuff on our own machines, really we do. But you may run into problems, if you do, come to #fedora on

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